Tile Cleaning Melbourne

At Budget Total Cleaning & Restoration, we are proud to offer professional tile cleaning in Melbourne to all of our customers in order to provide them with a total cleaning service for every home and office space. Our professional tile cleaners have years of experience with our exceptional tile and grout cleaning process and perform an incredibly thorough cleaning service that will leave all of your tiles sparkling clean.

Step by Step Tile Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaners follow a very thorough step by step procedure with every professional tile cleaning service. The process begins with a review of the scope of the job whilst examining areas of special concern and then moves on to a measurement for total square footage. Our professional cleaners will then establish a firm price, move furniture, sweep or vacuum all areas as needed, and then apply premium grout and a tile pre-conditioner. They will then allow time for the pre-conditioner to begin to breakdown oils and soiling and agitate the grout and tile with a rotary buffing machine or grout brush to ensure thorough soil separation. They will also address areas of special concern and vacuum up excess water residue and set up air movers to dry the floor before placing furniture back in their original positions.

Budget Total Cleaning & Restoration offers professional tile and grout cleaning services to domestic and commercial customers across metropolitan Melbourne
Budget Cleaning is famous for courteous service and fast response.

Our professional grout and tile cleaning service will restore your tile and grout to its original colour. Our high pressure system cuts through years of built-up grim even on a very pitted surface. We specialise in cleaning ceramic, terracotta and porcelain tiles. In addition, we can seal and re-grout to your specifications.

Michael Tile Cleaning Walls
Clean White Tiles in Bathroom
Before and After results from outdoor tile cleaning
Tile Cleaning Machine in Action