Photo of Mould Remediation performed in a home

Mould Remediation in Your Home

If water damage has intruded the house and you have not dried the building materials within 100-150hours, most likely, you will start to get mould growth.

I would advise that you call me Michael Carmody m.0434 314 234 to assess your home to assist in finding the source of the problem and take airborne and surface fungal counts to confirm how serious the mould is in the contaminated areas.

The Mould Samples taken will be sent to the Mould Lab in Sydney for results and may cost between $500-$1500.00.

If the fungal count readings are extremely high, I will write a Mould Remediation Scope of Works and provide a Free Quote.

Once the team at Budget Total Cleaning and Restoration have completed the remediation works, as part of the quote, we will
employ an independent building biologist/hygienist for a Post Remediation Verification. The Building Biologist will provide a Clearance Certificate to us which confirms that indoor air quality conditions are safe and normal and that all mould affected building materials have been removed.

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