How Much Will It Cost for Flood Damage Restoration in Melbourne?

A flood damage inside a property in Melbourne can occur as a result of a washing machine overflow, bathtub overflow, dishwasher leakage, burst pipe, water pump breakdown, toilet overflow, sewage overflow, hot water system fault, roof leakage, storm water, flooding, other plumbing connection faults and poor tradesmanship.

The cost of water damage restoration in Melbourne can vary depending on many issues including:

  • The extent of the destruction- is there more than carpet to dry!! there may be wet building materials including skirting boards, plaster linings, concrete substrate, chipboard subfloor, structural timbers and timber floorboards to dry.
  • The category of the loss – Is it clear water, grey water or black water/sewage.
  • The class of the water damage – is it very little water or a large to substantial amount of water.
  • Location of the destruction (Kitchen, Bedroom, Crawl Space, are there wet wall and ceiling cavities to dry)
  • Monitoring Condition Costs

Our Flood Damage Restoration company located in Melbourne will charge for:

  • Extraction of water from the carpet and underlay.
  • Labour
  • Drying equipment hire inclusive of air movers, dehumidifiers, hepa filtration units, heat drying equipment, hydroxyl machine hire.
  • Specialty drying setups including setting up containment chambers and venting systems to allow us to control air and heat supply in small and large areas.
  • Carpet relay and Carpet Cleaning
  • Costs associated with the disposal of non-restorable carpet, underlay and smooth edge.
  • Antimicrobial and anti-browning treatments.

Flood Damage Restoration Pricing

Budget Total Cleaning will charge $320.00 for after hours attendance and $220.00 for business hours attendance. This includes 1 hour extraction and advice and scope of works of drying equipment required to effectively dry the wet areas.

Please Note: If the carpet, underlay, subfloor, crawl space, structural timbers and contents are not dried properly, there is a risk for mould growth. Mould growth will result in a much greater expense to restore the property.

It is best to choose a qualified IICRC Water Damage Restorer to ensure the restoration works are done effectively. You do not want further damage done to the property. Budget Total Cleaning and Restoration are fully insured and qualified for small to major building water damage loss.