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Free air filter on your air return grill with 8 or more ducts

At Budget Total Cleaning & Restoration, we also provide duct cleaning in Melbourne to help you keep your air free from dust and other contaminants. The majority of dust in your ducted system is usually found in the air return duct. This is because air is constantly sucked through the return grill and passes along the return duct to the heater. The entire length of the return duct and the heater interior collect dust. Billions of dust mites, bacteria and germs live in this dust and then get blown around your home causing itchy eyes, headaches and aggravating coughs, colds and respiratory problems such as asthma. It’s very important that the entire length of the tube is thoroughly cleaned (not just a few feet from each end) so that all the dust, dust mites, germs, pollens etc. are removed from the system.

Duct Cleaning Process for Floor Heating

(Duct Cleaning Process for ceiling ducts is different to floor duct cleaning,as we need to disconnect ducts from inside the roof.)

Expert Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne

Our thorough duct cleaning service ensures that each of the duct lines in your house are individually cleaned. A special duct ball that runs on compressed air travels along the duct dislodging debris, which is immediately removed from the home by a powerful electric vacuum system. We apply a special vent cover on each duct outlet not allowing any dust to escape into the room. Budget Total Cleaning & Restoration offers professional duct cleaning in Melbourne to domestic and commercial customers across the metropolitan area.

9 Good Reasons to Clean Ducts

  1. For cleaner air and easier breathing, thus reducing the chances of illness.
  2. To remove dust, carbon particles, pollens and spores from household plants (which cause asthma and other respiratory problems).
  3. To remove the dead and live insects (dust mites, fleas, mosquitos, spiders, carpet beetles, silverfish, cockroaches), their eggs and faeces.
  4. To remove small animals (mice, rats, birds) and their nests.
  5. To prevent allergies and diseases caused by germs, mould, fungi and other harmful microbes and bacteria.
  6. To kill old smells and odours, especially from cooking and cigarette smoking.
  7. To remove skin flakes and hair.
  8. To improve the efficiency of your heating and air-conditioning systems.
  9. To prevent a fire starting in the ducts, as the heat builds up with the dirt and the system spreads the flames into every room within seconds.

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