Photo of a regular steam carpet cleaning wand

Clean Your Carpet Every 12 Month?

Is it recommended that you clean your carpet once every 12 months.

The Australian standards for carpet cleaning As3733-90 recommends that you should clean your carpets via hot water extraction annually. Our customers would recognise this process as steam carpet cleaning.

The cleaning process will assist in eliminating the bacteria in the carpet and the process is very similar to the way we wash our hair.

The cleaning process will include per-spraying  shampoo on to the carpet and giving the chemical 5minutes dwell time to stick to the fibres, before we extract the deep down soil in the carpet with our equipment. We finish with conditioning the carpet so the fibres are left soft and by conditioning the carpet we eliminate any shampoo residue in the carpet fibres.

If you leave shampoo residue in the carpet, the carpet will get dirty very quickly.

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