Carpet Water Damage Melbourne

At Budget Total Cleaning and Restoration we are trained and certified professionals that have the knowledge and experience to project manage small to large carpet water damage jobs. We can address occupant questions when the subject is within the scope of our authority and ability. This experience is inclusive of carpet water damage, structural drying of building materials and Mould Remediation.

Carpet Water Damage Inspection

Our initial inspection will be to liaise with the client to determine the source of the water intrusion, date and time of intrusion, general size of affected areas and a list if other questions. We will proceed with a visual inspection and olfactory inspection to determine the category of water inside the building envelope.

  • Category 1 – CLEAN WATER from the tap.  Contains chlorine and is accepted as drinkable water. Carpet and underlay is generally restorable.
  • Category 2 – GREY WATER – rain water, laundry water, dishwasher water. Water that is not chlorinated and is potable water contaminated with dirt, pathogens/bacteria. Has a moderate level of pathogens and bacteria. Carpet and underlay is generally restorable. In the ANSI/IICRC S500-2015  it supports the installation of HEPA air filtration units in conjunction with drying equipment.The HEPA air filtration unit removes airborne pollutants. An anti microbial treatment is applied to the carpet fibres to remove possible bacteria.
  • Category 3 – WASTE WATER – Sewer water, toilet overflow, ground water. Water that is not chlorinated or potable. Heavily contaminated with dirt, pathogens, and or/bacteria. We will need to mitigate the damage and make safe.

Carpet Water Damage Preliminary Determination

We will then determine the Class of Water so we can work out what equipment we need to install in the home/business.

  • Class 1 – least amount of water, absorption and evaporation. Water losses that affect only part of the room or area, or larger area containing materials that have absorbed minimal moisture. Little or no wet carpet or underlay is present.
  • Class 2 – large amount of water, absorption and evaporation. Water losses that affect at least an entire room of carpet and underlay. Water has wicked up walls less than 60cm. There is moisture remaining in structural materials, eg. Plywood, particle board, structural timbers, concrete and substructure soil.
  • Class 3 – greatest amount of water, absorption and evaporation. Water may have come from overhead, ceilings, walls,insulation, carpet and subfloor in virtually the entire area are saturated.
  • Class 4 – specialty drying situations.these consist of wet materials with very low permeable eg. Hardwood, plaster, concrete,stone.typically, there are deep pockets of saturation, which require very low specific humidity. These types of losses may require longer drying times and special methods.

We will also consider drying capacity on factors such as the influence of heating and air conditioning system, outdoor weather and building construction complexity.

We will proceed with moisture detection of the building using moisture meters. Our Moisture meters used will include the Tramex non penetrating meter to measure moisture content on concrete, Delmhorst hygrometer to measure moisture content in wood and plaster.We use a carpet moisture sensor to follow the water trail, the thermal imaging camera to highlight wet areas behind walls and above the ceiling and the boroscope camera is used in difficult places where our moisture meters cannot be used.

A moisture mapping chart will be completed by us and we will take notes of size of rooms, floor surfaces, materials and affected areas.

In summary Prior to restoration restoration of damaged areas we will;

  • Estimate equipment required in the building envelope based on the class of water damage.
  • Estimate time required to complete works.
  • Evaluate contents, HVAC system, crawl space,building materials and emergency response actions.
  • We will quote for the estimated cost of the job.
  • Arrange payment terms and gain authorisation from the client.
  • Complete a risk and hazards report sheet.
  • A commence works form will be signed by the client.

We understand that you will be stressed and you can trust in us. We will prevent secondary damage such as Mould and building damage. We will document all information.

Save Your Carpet from Water Damage

We can save your carpet from water damage with our latest moisture stabilising drying system, which creates the right environment for drying. We will arrange fast, detailed cleaning and decontamination of your home or premises. We are experts at restoring your carpet to visible spotless cleanliness, but also at removing any health risks associated with water, fire or sewerage damage. While the toxic residues might not be immediately obvious to the naked eye, they can create a significant health risk for you and your family (or customers and staff). By selecting a fully qualified professional to help with carpet water damage across Melbourne, you can be assured that those risks have been neutralised using the latest technology and science.

Water Damaged Carpet
Water Damage Restoration
Carpets damaged from flooded water

Has your carpet sustained water or fire damage as the result of a flood, sewerage, or fire? If you have carpet water damage in Melbourne, Budget Total Cleaning & Restoration can provide you with the restoration services you need to help save your carpets. We offer emergency 24-hour service with immediate response times in case of any emergency. Don’t lose a carpet to water damage in Melbourne, call us immediately and let us get started restoring your carpet immediately.